Compensation & Rewards Design

With a compensation philosophy and strategy aligned with your business needs, together we can develop compensation programs that make sense for your organization. We design custom solutions across four key areas:

  • Base pay
  • Short-term incentives (STI)/bonus pay
  • Medium-term or Long-term incentives (LTI)
  • Recognition and other rewards programs

Supported by our robust compensation data, our customised job evaluation tools or yours, and a framework that incorporates total rewards, assessment and enabling technology, we help make compensation easier and effective in our ever changing and challenging work environment.

Our services help you answer the following questions:

  • How does your compensation program compare to that of competitors or other companies in your industry or sector?
  • Is your compensation philosophy and policy aligned with your business strategy and organisational goals?
  • Does your annual variable compensation program adequately recognize and reward employee contributions to your organisation’s success?
  • Is your total compensation program competitive to attract and retain valued employees?
  • Does your compensation design and administration meet legal pay equity requirements for Ontario or Quebec?

Our consultants focus on your business goals and challenges, the organisation’s structure and competitive forces to help you make informed and aligned decisions about compensation programs and management tools.

Compensation & Rewards Design – continued..

Additional Compensation services:

Compensation philosophy and communication

A compensation philosophy is based on many factors, including the organisation’s financial position, the size of the organization, the industry, business objectives, market salary information, the level of difficulty in finding qualified talent, and the unique circumstances of the business. A well-designed compensation philosophy supports the organisation’s strategic plan and initiatives, business goals, competitive outlook, operating objectives, and compensation and total reward strategies. We can help you articulate it so that it is meaningful.

Job Evaluation, Analysis & Compensation Administration

Designing and implementing job evaluation tools, providing you with tools to maintain internal equity, to comply with pay equity legislation, and to administer and control salary budgets. We also help design pay administration guides, policies and processes.

Salary Surveys and custom market benchmarking

Evaluating your compensation or total rewards program against defined market comparators using our databank of national surveys according to your organisation’s industry, size and location. We provide customised compensation surveys to give you the necessary independent compensation advice you need.

Performance-based compensation plans

Designing variable annual compensation programs and assisting with their implementation. We will ensure that your performance management approach follows best practices and will provide you with easy-to-use tools to administer your program within an agreed-upon envelope.

Pay equity review, pay equity plans& compliance

Pay equity can be complicated at the best of times. We are experts in all areas of pay equity – both Ontario and Quebec, and have worked for over 30 years to develop, analyse, update and maintain pay equity across both public, NFP and private sector organisations. We have worked with the Pay Equity Commission in Ontario on a number of issues and have resolved each one effectively. We work with unions to ensure equity and pay equity results.

Sales incentive & commission programs

To be effective, sales incentives and compensation have to be designed to engage and motivate your sales force. Finding that right balance between maximizing motivation and minimizing the risk is key to success. We help you clearly understand your incentive plans’ strengths and weaknesses and we work with you to develop new and improved incentive plans and recognition programs.