Executive Search

Our executive search services help you determine which candidates are the ideal competency and skill set and match for your company’s culture. Each client is unique, and we take the time to understand your goals and objectives to be able to offer solutions that ensure the right leaders are identified to result in a successful corporate match.

Our team’s years of experience in public sector, non-profit and business recruitment and placement provides the depth and breadth of experience to identify and attract high-level transformational talent for your needs. Our dedicated team of professionals will stay focused on your specific goals and criteria. We leverage our business and HR knowledge and relationships to quickly identify the most promising prospects. We also know the importance and strength of diversity and inclusion in the search process, and we build upon the access we have to communities offering a wealth of diverse candidates.

We offer a range of management assessment services that provide clients with insights into candidate leadership skills, preferences and strengths.

At Cyr & Associates, our executive search process includes:

  • Ensuring a thorough understanding of the role, the business strategy and future challenges.
  • A commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • A thorough, multi-channel recruitment strategy that casts a wide, yet focused and deliberate approach.
  • Representing your organisation with professionalism and care in all our contacts – with follow up, responsiveness that enables us to engage and attract a diverse candidate pool.
  • Guidance and support for search committees throughout the process.
  • Highly skilled HR professionals that ensure consistency, compliance, and knowledge of compensation, letters of offer and sensitive communications in responding to all in volved in the search process
  • Integrated leadership solutions to support assessment, onboarding, and transition and coaching.