Pay Equity

Meeting the requirements set out in the Pay Equity Act can be difficult and confusing. Ensuring you are meeting pay equity requirements is one of our many strengths. Cyr & Associates has extensive experience developing and updating pay equity plans in both unionized and non-union environments. We also have a proven track record helping organisations to develop, implement and maintain job evaluation systems that are the basis for pay equity compliance. We can help you:

  • Ensure your job evaluation plan is appropriate to achieve and maintain pay equity
  • Assist with job analysis and design, updates to existing plans
  • Develop or update pay equity plans
  • Identify any pay equity issues and develop solutions to address them.
  • Involve staff and union representatives in the pay equity process
  • Provide support and counsel during a pay equity audit or when responding to a pay equity complaint
  • Mediate compensation disputes

Through our work, we regularly interface Pay Equity Commission representatives and Review Officers and stay in touch with the latest pay equity issues and emerging trends. We also work with and accept referrals from Employment lawyers.

Our consultants stay current with pay equity issues and emerging trends, allowing us to provide consulting advice that helps employers attain compliance and has a positive impact on employees and organizational results.