Performance Management Design

Optimize performance management

Performance management is without a doubt one of the most written-about management topics. Performance management systems, which typically include performance appraisal and employee development, are the “Achilles’ heel” of human resources management. They suffer flaws in many organisations, with employees and managers regularly bemoaning their ineffectiveness.

Want to improve your approach and successfully generate performance? Rethink your approach with the help of our specialists and align your performance expectations with your business strategy. Process or no process? Forms or no forms? Scoring or not? We can help you get a clear picture.

Possible Outcomes from Effective Performance Management
  • Clarifying job responsibilities and expectations.
  • Enhancing individual and group productivity.
  • Developing employee capabilities to their fullest extent through effective feedback and coaching.
  • Driving behavior to align with the organisation’s core values, goals and strategy.
  • Providing a basis for making operational human capital decisions (e.g., pay).
  • Improving communication between employees and managers.
Performance assessment revisited

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your existing performance assessment approach or develop a new one, our experts can help guide your decisions with your business objectives in mind.

Today’s workforce is increasingly turning to real-time, multi-directional feedback. The conventional approach has become outdated, leaving room for innovative ones based on dialogue and professional development.

Your unique organisation needs a unique approach. We can help you find the one that fits.